Changes Ahead

Its amazing to think back over the past few years. It seems like there has been so many changes in my life, never a dull moment. From opening the studio, moving to a new house, having babies, teaching, studying yoga, hosting Seane Corn, meeting such wonderful, authentic, heart centered people every day.  I am so […]


food as medicine

Food As Medicine

Characteristics of Healing Foods They are whole foods (in contrast to adulterated or refined) foods. They are real foods complete with all their natural endowment of nutrients, and they have not been highly processed. They are the “Richest Sources of the Essential Nutrients” in their natural state, and not from artificial or synthetic sources. They […]

Seane Corn, The Body and Beyond…

It has been quite a special week at the studio! Last week we had the honor of hosting Seane Corn for a special 2 day yoga class event.  The event had many reasons why it was so close to our hearts. Seane Corn is a very special yoga teacher, internationally renowned vinyasa flow teacher and […]